July 16, 2024 With One Round Load!       
       North State Shooting Club Events for 2024
Latest News

NSSC Long Range Team Practice on July 12 is cancelled! General practice starts at Noon.

Pre-registration is required. We are using electronic targets and we need to know how many competitors we will have to set up targets ahead of the match.

Remember, we are GUESTS of the NC National Guard and they are willing to let NSSC run matches.

NSSC Is Using E-Targets!!!

The club has purchased new ShotMarker© target systems. Shooters are Strongly Encouraged to have a good zero on your rifle when you arrive at the match. Our Friday practices the day before each match are the perfect opportunity to get your rifle zeroed at the yardage on a paper target!

Make Certain You Bring A Tablet, iPad or Smartphone With You To Camp Butner!!!

Here is the ShotMarker Manual

Matches Up Next @ KD Range Four Camp Butner...

July 27-28, NSSC Nationals Warmup F-Class Match
Saturday - 2x 1000 plus Team
Sunday - 2x 1000

Sept 14-15, NC XTC HP & Srvice Rifle State Championship
Saturday - 1000 Agg XTC
Sunday - EIC and Governor's 10 Match

The range gate will now remain locked until the Match Director signs the range out at Range Control.
If you are the Match Director, please sign the range out by 7:00 AM so Range Control can open the gate.

Caliber Restrictions

Rifle cartridges over 30 caliber are not allowed on Camp Butner ranges. Also no 30 caliber magnums are allowed.

RSO Training

Camp Butner will conduct an OIC/RSO training class to become certified as Range Officer in Charge and Range Safety Officer at Camp Butner. Each event will begin at 1300 at the dates and locations listed below. Each class lasts approximately two hours.

MPB (BLDG 1805) - 07/12/2024
CLASSROOM (BLDG 1003) - 07/26/2024
CLASSROOM (BLDG 1003) - 08/02/2024
CLASSROOM (BLDG 1003) - 09/06/2024
CLASSROOM (BLDG 1003) - 09/20/2024

You can check your expiration date at RSO Qualified List.

2024 Bruce Teachey Winners

2024 East Coast FullBore Winners - SSG Verne Conant, SFC Alex Deal, Spec. Zevin Linse

2024 XTC Regional Winners

2024 Polar Bear Match Winner - Chris Blakenship for the 5-peat

2023 Long Range Regional Winners

2023 NRA Nationals Long Range F-T/R 2nd place - Keith Trapp

2023 NRA Nationals Midrange F-T/R

1st - Keith Trapp
2nd - Tracy Hogg
3rd - James Crofts

2023 State F-Class Winner - Greg Chapa

2023 State F/Open Winners
1st - Greg Chapa
2nd - Charles Barclay
3rd - Charles Edwards

2023 State F/TR Winners
1st - Pete LaBerge
2nd - Jason Wade
3rd - Al Shoemaker

2023 NC State Long Range Championship(sling)
Mike Shallow - Overall Winner
Gabe Rowe - State Match Rifle Winner
Vince Sferrazza - State Palme Rifle Winner

Please take the time to thank and support the following sponsors to the East Coast Fullbore Championships:

Proof Research Rifle Barrels
Pilot Mountain Arms
Lilja Barrels
Krieger Barrels
Bartlein Barrels
Sierra Bullets
Berger Bullets
Vita Vuori Powder
Sightron Optics
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