January 14, 2023 See You At The Range!       

NSSC Club History

The North State Shooting Club was organized in 1971 by members of the NC National Guard Rifle Team and four local civilians at the request of the Adjutant General for North Carolina. NSSC is an incorporated private organization utilizing the Camp Butner National Guard Training Site. The AG wanted more community involvement with the military so the club was designed to promote safe small arms skills, marksmanship and good sportsmanship through competition between military and civilian competitors. Competitive shooting programs helps improve National Defense and Public Safety.
The North State Shooting Club is known as an enjoyable shooting range with friendly shooters and great range control support. The club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association (K5228) and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP# 36033) as well as the NC State Rifle and Pistol Association. We encourage all competitors to support and join the NRA and their State Association.

Club Officers

Club Membership

To become a member, a person must attend at least 3 scheduled matches in the year of application, and be sponsored by an existing member.
The club membership application form must be filled out and mailed to:
Jane Green
NSSC Secretary
6147 Hebron Road
Oxford, NC 27565

The application will be voted on by the Board of Directors at the next quarterly meeting or by electronic vote.
Cost of membership is $20 initiation fee plus $30 yearly membership fee.
The best way to become a member is attend scheduled matches, get to know existing members and have fun.

Release of Liability

Every civilian must sign a Release of Liability before they can shoot on the North Carolina National Guard range at Camp Butner.
As of 2012, there is a requirement from the National Guard for a daily waiver form to be signed.
We will have those at the sign in table.

THE Number 1 Question
               Can I come to the range and shoot any time I want to?

The answer to that is NO. NSSC does not own a range. We are an organization that HOSTs NRA registered matches at the National Guard's Camp Butner Training Site. Technically we all (tax paying US Citizens) own this facility. The primary purpose of which is the training of our troops. We are priviledged to use the facility as guests of the National Guard. You are invited to come join us! See the schedule for event dates.