January 14, 2023 With One Round Load!       

F-Class Rifle Competition

Official NRA Rules for High Power (F-Class specific - section 22).

Official NRA Rules for Full Bore (F-Class specific is again Sec.22)

North State Shooting Club F-Class matches run concurrently with High Power Long Range matches. Awards will be given in two(2) categories: F/Open and F/Target Rifle (F/TR)

NSSC - Butner Rules of Interest:
             A rifle restricted to no larger than .30 caliber.
             No muzzle breaks are allowed.

General Rules:
A rifle restricted to no larger than .30 caliber. "Rail guns" and positive mechanical methods of returning to the precise point of aim for the prior shot are not permitted. No muzzle breaks are allowed. Any safe manual operated trigger is permitted. Any sighting system is allowed. The rifle must be fired in the prone position from the shoulder of the competitor using rifle rests as defined:

1. No more than two rests may be used and they must not be attached to each other.
2. The use of any sort of table is prohibited.
3. The rifle may be rested on a simple central support such a rolled jacket, towel, beanbag...
4. No portion of the rifle's butt or pistol grip shall rest directly on the ground or any hard surface.
5. Any rear rest employed shall not be attached, clamped, or held onto the rifle in any manner.
6. Any number and type of objects may be placed beneath each rest to compensate for
    variations in the height or slope of the firing point.
7. Rests may be adjusted after any shot for rest movement and settling.
8. A sling may be used in conjunction with the rest(s).

F-Open, The front rest or base may have up to three(3) spiked feet which may be pressed into the ground by no more than 50 mm (approximately 2 inches) provided this causes no significant harm to the firing point.

F/TR will abide by all above rules with the exception that it must be a standard caliber .223 Remington or .308 Winchester rifle weighing no more than 8.25 kg (about 18.2 pounds) including an attached bipod type front rest.

Scores from these matches will be sent to the NRA.
Competitors in this class are not eligible for the Match Winner award unless specified.
Separate awards will be given for F/Open and F/TR Classes.

When at Camp Butner, please do not park or drive on the grass.
The NC National Guard greatly appreciates your efforts to help keep the grass in place!