March 5, 2015 With One Round Load!       
Plot Sheets - created by Reid Perry
These sheets have enlarged center rings.
As Reid says,". I’m more interested in the center hits and not the other hits out in the weeds."

I could not agree with him more and have added my own simplified FClass Plot Sheet at the bottom.
High Power Plot Sheets Click on the picture to download the file.

200 Yard HP Slow Fire-R.Perry

200 Yard HP Rapid Fire-R.Perry

300 Yard HP Rapid Fire-R.Perry

600 Yard HP Slow Fire-R.Perry

F-Class Plot Sheets
 900 Yd ICFRA 5V F-Class-R.Perry
 1000 Yd F-Class-R.Perry
 Simplified 600 or 1000 Yd F-Class-GWhaley