January 8, 2015 With One Round Load!       
        North State Shooting Club Events for 2015

NSSC LR Team and North State X-Men will conduct an Introduction to NRA Prone Competitive Shooting on Friday 13 Mar 15, at Camp Butner, NC for individuals that would like to try either sling or F-Class prone competitive shooting. Click here for times, prerequisites, registration (Pre-registration is required), cost, class size, firearms, ammo and other equipment requirements.

  Match Up Next @ KD Range Four Camp Butner...

  Mar.14-15, 2015
  NSSC Spring 600 Yard Weekend

  Saturday : 3 X 600Yd and Team
  Sunday : 3 X 600Yd and Team

  Mar.20-22, 2015
  NSSC XTC Weather Match

  Friday : Practice
  Saturday : 800 Agg RMC
  Sunday : 800 Agg RMC

  Ape.10-12, 2015
  NSSC LR Championship and Cookout

  Friday : LR Team practice starting at 8
        Individual practice starting at 1
  Saturday : 2 x 1000 and Team
  Sunday : 2 x 1000 and Team

Governor's Ten Medal and Badge
Governor's Ten Medal and Patch