September 25, 2017 With One Round Load!       
       North State Shooting Club Events for 2017
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October 21-22  State Service Rifle Championship

Due to the loss of the range, the State Service Rifle Championships has been rescheduled for October 21-22

Sat: 800 Agg RMC

Sun: 2-man team plus "leg" match


North State Shooting Club has a successful year at the NRA National Championship Matches

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NSSC Won 4-Man Palma Team Match at Midwest Palma Match

L to R: Keith Hoverstad, Vince Sferrazza, Norm Crawford, Trey Friguglietti, Adam Fitzpatrick

NSSC won the 4-man Palma team match and one of the two 2-man 1000 Yd team matches at the Midwest Palma Championships. We took 3d in the other 2-man 1000 Yd team match.

4-Man Palma Team Match Score: 1771-75X

Shooters: Keith Hoverstad, Adam Fitzpatrick, Vince Sferrazza, Trey Friguglietti Coach: Norm Crawford.

2-Man Team Score: 297-13X

Shooters: Keith Hoverstad, Vince Sferrazza Coach: Norm Crawford

In addition, Keith Hoverstad and Adam Fitzpatrick each won one of the three Palma matches, Adam with a PERFECT 450-22X. Overall, In the individual matches Adam placed 5th, Keith 6th, Norm 8th, Vince 18th and Trey 19th. Norm won the 1200 Yd Trophy again and Adam was the overall winner of the WI State Long Range Championships.

Trey Friguglietti also won high junior at both Midwest Palma and WI State Championship.

First Place Winners from Long Range Regional

l to r: Adam Fitzpatrick (sling), Mark Finizio (F-Open), Fritz Braun (F-TR)


US F-TR Team at Butner

New Entrance to Range 4!

Turn onto Robert's Chapel Road, then turn at the gravel drive towards the kitchen and the water tower. Turn left at the water tower and follow the road. It comes out at the 1000 yard line.