March 5, 2015 With One Round Load!       
  FAQ - Hopefully you will find your basic questions here
The NUMBER #1 Question asked....
        Can I come to the range and shoot any time I want to?

Sorry but the answer to that is NO. NSSC does not own a range. We are an organization that HOSTs NRA registered matches at the National Guard's Camp Butner Training Site. Technically we all (tax paying US Citizens) own this facility. The primary purpose of which is the training of our troops. We are priviledged to use the facility as guests of the National Guard. You are invited to come join us! See the complete schedule for event dates.
The NUMBER #2 Question asked....
        Doesn't North State arrange for target pullers to be available?

Sorry but the answer to that is also NO. While this may sound like a good idea, it does not work out very well. We tell any one that wants to work as a puller to show up at registration and hang out in that area - preferable with a 'puller for hire' smile on their face. You will make arrangements directly with that individual. Pullers are available on a first come-first served basis. If you want to insure you have a puller for the day, bring one with you.
Customary fee is $20 per shooter per day for regular match. Team match is extra duty, tip them accordingly!
What does 'Class or Classification' mean on the score card?
This is not asking if you are high class or low class or a member of the class of 1973...
Fill in your NRA Classification: MK, SS, EX, MA, HM. Based on this is how you will be grouped or subgrouped. If you enter nothing, you will be MU and shoot with the big boys. When there are enough shooters to create sub-groups of shooters, you become eligible for awards in your own group. While you may not be the Overall Winner of a match, you could win your 'class'. Sometimes the payout in NRA Bucks will cover the cost of your ammo. NRA Bucks are useful for entry fees at any NRA event.

Are there camping or other accomodations available at Camp Butner?
As a general rule there is no camping available at Camp Butner and the barracks are only available during special events. Those are not part of the NSSC itinerary and out of our control. There are area hotels available and you will find them referenced on the directions page. There are also numerous camp grounds in the area. Most of the camp sites are around Falls Lake State Park which is less than fifteen miles away.
Contact the National Guard Camp Butner directly if you are active duty service and think you may qualify for an exception to using the barracks. The National Guard is the only organization that can truly answer this question for any given day.

Are there concessions at Camp Butner?
Be advised that you need to bring food and water with you. On a few weekends, NSSC does sponsor a cook out at the end of the day but you need to come prepared. Bring any food / water you may want. Stay Hydrated!!

Are there rest rooms at Camp Butner?
There are portable toilets on site; in the pits, at the 600 yard line and at the 1000 yard line.
New toilets were constructed at the 600 yard line and are available as of summer time 2011.
I understand the plan is to build new toilets at the 1000 yard line. For the time being, funding is unavailable. Port-a-John is your friend in the pits and at the 1000 yard line for the time being.

Can anyone shoot at NSSC sponsored events?
Absolutely YES! All events are open to the public. All scores from our registerd matches are sent in to the NRA. Most of our events are registered although early in the year and on Fridays, we do have practice matches. Getting your scores turned in for a new shooter will start them on the path moving through the ranks of Marksman(MK), SharpShooter(SS), Expert(EX), Master(MA) and High Master(HM).
If you are not classified, you are Master Unclassified(MU) until you receive your NRA Ranking.

What do I need to bring? What equipment will I need?
Wow, that depends to some extent on the class you plan to shoot BUT in general...
  • Ear plugs!!
  • Shooting Glasses or Glasses of some kind are advised.
  • Rifle    - you need to know if you need a sling or rests or tools or....
  • Ammo - bring the bullets that match your rifle, that's the best advice I can give you.
  • Mat to lay on; could be a tarp or piece of canvas, does not have to be an ‘official’ shooting mat. Gets you off wet grass and sand as well as making the arrangement of your ‘stuff’ easier. Plastic tarps suck because they are slick and you slip around.
    Canvas is OK but it can wear out your elbows… bring towels or use elbow pads…
  • Chair to sit in and use when scoring your relay partner
  • Spotting scope or binoculars to see the scoring disks at range
  • Hat and long sleeve tee shirt to protect from sun. NO shade on the ready line.
  • Towels – lots of uses from wiping sweat, covering rifle actions, sun cover, cold wind block….
  • Rain suit – if you want one… just in case.
    A relay started will finish in the rain – unless it is thundering lightning.. we are not dangerous in weather.
  • Sunglasses / Sunscreen
  • NRA bucks / Cash for entry fees
  • Whatever you want to eat and drink – LOTS of water, Stay Well Hydrated!